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Apr 292018

Tonight’s Sneak Peek

The season of Fear the Walking Dead has gotten stellar accolades from critics and fans alike as the show heads into its fourth season!

“Get down and stay down!” ~ Morgan

The multiple timelines of the new season of Fear the Walking Dead is keeping fans glued to their seats, as they try to figure out how the survivors and heroes of Season 3 have reached the current state they’re in.

The protagonists of Fear The Walking Dead, who survived the catastrophic end of last season have gone through a transformation over the course of time, that has brought them up to the same timeframe as The Walking Dead. When Morgan and his new friends find them, they are back to being scavengers on the road just trying to stay alive. This is contrasted with an earlier narrative of them living in a baseballs stadium, much like the prison in Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds…

Good Out Here’ Next on Ep. 403


‘Get Down and Stay Down!’ Sneak Peek Ep. 403

 April 29, 2018  Posted by at 5:31 am

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