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Feb 032018

Building Blocks in Mordor

Our very own Dark Historian Grievous has created a Middle-earth Mod for Minecraft featuring Mordor!

The valley of terror in the land of Minecraft!

Grievous came upon a post we made featuring the Mordor Minecraft Project, and decided to share his own Mod to showcase here in The Land of Shadow.com.

He shares some screen captures of his work along with a link to the mod for those of you Minecraft fans, who want to walk the dark ways of Mordor in the game. I for one have spent many aimless hours playing Minecraft and creating structures on this scale is no simple task. Here are his thoughts on the Mordor Mod he created.

Some background: I built this map – which includes every single structure from the books, plus many from the Ragath-dûr and some of my own creation – over the course of a year and a half through The Lord of the Rings mod for Minecraft. ~ Grevious

Below are some examples of the more major builds he has undertaken.

The full map can be downloaded HERE

 February 3, 2018  Posted by at 10:27 am
  • Grievous1138

    Slight correction: the mod was actually created by Mevans, aka ChildWalrus. I made the map myself, but the full credit for the mod should go to him.