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Dec 012017

Prosthetic Makeup Artist

You may not realize it, but you have seen the work of Makeup Artist Valter Adam Casotto in many films including the Orcs in The Hobbit trilogy!

“I applied ‘Bombur’, ‘Kili’ and several Orcs makeups for part of the shooting of The Hobbit trilogy directed by Peter Jackson.”  ~ Valter Adam Casotto

Working on the prosthetic team for Tami Lane, the Oscar winning supervisor on The Hobbit trilogy, prosthetic makeup artist Valter Adam Casotto helped create the evil looking uruks commanded by Bolg.

Casotto has worked on the prosthetic makeup for other high profile productions such as Harry Potter, X-Men and Prometheus. On this project he work on the location scene along the river in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug when Bolg and the Hunter Uruks from Dol Guldur, tracking down the company of Dwarves after their escape from the prison of the Elven King. He also worked on the makeup for Bombur and Kili.

In my opinion these darkly beautiful and REAL prosthetic orcs didn’t get enough screen time!

Go HERE to see more of his work.

 December 1, 2017  Posted by at 6:26 am

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