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Mar 072018

Dark Art of Bolg

Take a peek at this digital 3D rending of Bolg from a fan of The Hobbit Trilogy, who shares how he made his own version of the Gundabad Uruk!

“The Goblins are upon you! Bolg of the North is coming!” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien, The Hobbit

Yuriy Dulich an artist specializing in digital organic modeling, has taken a stab a creating a 3D vision of Bolg in all his hideous glory!

Located out of Kiev, Ukraine, this Tolkien fan has been specializing in character modeling and creation from base mesh to final model/image including, hi-poly sculpting, hi-detail texturing, hair/fur- styling, shading and rendering, dynamics simulation, VFX, PFX, compositing. He has professional experience in creating advertising, film post-production, animation films, interactive, 3d mapping.

Go HERE for more info on the artist. 

In this character study modeled after the uruk Bolg from The Hobbit Trilogy, he has been able to capture the brutish terror that is Bolg on screen! This video shows all the intercate detail and refinement that goes into the 3D modeling of a character.

Go HERE to find out more about the making of this video and HERE for more images of Bolg.

Making of Bolg from Yuriy Dulich on Vimeo.

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