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Jan 112017

creativecarpentrygazeboiconFit for an Elven Queen!

Take look at the leaf inspired design of a gazebo that would have been right at home in the Mallorn trees of Lothlorien!

“All that he saw was shapely, but the shapes seemed at once clear cut, as if they had been first conceived and drawn at the uncovering of his eyes, and ancient as if they had endured for ever.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Matt Parker of Creative Carpentry and Design was inspired by the Aspen Leaf found in the mountains of Colorado, when he created this sumptuous design he calls the New Life Gazebo!

Any fan of Middle-earth would immediately think of the Eldar in their tree top homes in the beautiful and magical Lothlorien.

Go HERE to see more of the exquisite work by Matt Parker of Creative Carpentry and Design…

In his work, Matt incorporates his theory of ‘imperfect perfection’

“Using the natural face of raw materials, such as drift wood, or just the grain of processed wood can make all the difference on creating a distinctive piece. Adding other natural elements can be simple and effective for the end result. Taking advantage of the natural organic shapes and lines is what separates my work.”


 January 11, 2017  Posted by at 5:05 am
  • Windstrm99

    That is just beautiful.

  • I want one in my back yard!