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Dec 272017

The Darkside of Fandom…

Three ways that a small portions of angry Star Wars fans are throwing a tantrum and trying to ruin The Last Jedi for everyone else!

“I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing.” ~ Darth Vader

Too Fab shines a light on the darker side of Star Wars Fandom in a recent article that shows how rabid fans are doing their best to destroy The Last Jedi.

It’s one thing not to like a film and discuss it merits and detraction… see our own review of The Hobbit films HERE, but Crybaby Star Wars fans are are taking their self-righteous anger to an entirely unacceptable level that makes me understand why director George Lucas sold off his most beloved creation. I don’t blame him, this is fandom out of control.

Here is an excerpt from the article…

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” defied fan expectations and crushed their meticulous theories under its boot, and some of those fans have decided to do something about it in the nastiest ways possible.
Immediately, they got #NotMyStarWars trending on Twitter so they could complain about it, which is ironic because of course it’s not. It never was. It was George Lucas’ “Star Wars,” then J.J. Abrams’, and now it’s Rian Johnson’s. Until you make a “Star Wars” movie or write one of the canon stories, none of it is yours.
That sense of ownership and entitlement, though, is a double-edged sword for Disney and Lucasfilm. Fans are so passionately connected to this sprawling saga set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” they virtually guarantee each installment in the saga will be a monster hit at the box office. “The Last Jedi” had the second biggest opening of all time, behind Abrams’ 2015 blockbuster “The Force Awakens.”
With that much power, though, comes a dark side. Fans have spent two years picking apart “Force Awakens” looking for clues and devising elaborate theories about things like Rey’s parents and Snoke’s identity. Johnson decided these mysteries weren’t all that important to the story he wanted to tell, and so he just cast them aside, leaving a certain segment of fandom incensed.
Here are three ways these toxic fans are trying to ruin “The Last Jedi” for the rest for everyone:

Go HERE to read the article and see the list of despicable behavior on the part of some angry fans…

 December 27, 2017  Posted by at 9:29 am
  • Ian

    As someone who was disappointed with ‘The Last Jedi,’ I can understand why these fans are so angry, and this line sums up why:

    “Johnson decided these mysteries weren’t all that important to the story he wanted to tell, and so he just cast them aside, leaving a certain segment of fandom incensed.’

    I’d say a more accurate statement would be ‘a majority of the fandom incensed’. I was looking forward to getting answers about some of the bigger mysteries ‘Awakens’ left dangling, and was angry to see them all but ignored. That’s not an excuse to spoil the movie for others, but when you love a story so much, having it let you down can be devastating.

  • Ian

    BTW, great choice on the thumbnail for this article!

  • There were things I didn’t like about the film also. Rey’s ancestry reveal, the premature departure of Snoke before his character was allowed to become a real bad-ass and other things, but in most cases these events fed a story that was unexpected and original, something very difficult to achieve in the Star Wars universe.

    I remember when The Empire Strikes Back first premiered, there was a lot of fans who didn’t like the way that story unfolded, feeling like it didn’t stay true to the original film. Now, the second firm is sited by most fans as the best in the series. Back then fans had less of a voice and not a lot of places to vent their views.

    Perhaps with time, this film will be viewed differently once the entire trilogy unfolds.

  • Grievous1138

    *Spoiler warning*

    I personally love how they dealt with Rey’s ancestry because it brings Star Wars back to something we haven’t seen in too long: the Force isn’t dependent on bloodlines. It has a will and it can choose *anyone* to carry it out. Rey being the daughter of lowlife junkers not only fortifies that, but it gives her character depth, which I think it severely lacked in The Force Awakens. She’s not just another Skywalker now. She’s completely new, someone that the Force has chosen to restore the balance once more.

  • Roberto Took

    Makes me wonder how the hobbit movies may be viewed by other generations

  • Random Musings

    I really enjoyed the film. For me TFA was just a retread and therefore slightly boring. TLJ however kept me hooked until the end.

  • Roberto Took

    Ok I’ve gone to see it finally.
    I think it has some of the best Star Wars scenes, and some of the worst Star Wars scenes.
    The humor needed better writing except I loved the Chewy humor scenes. Chewy is wonderful.
    I don’t think the film needs these “crybaby fans” to ruin it; it was already ruined by itself, but only because of a few parts. Cut out some of the pointless scenes on Luke’s island and the Canto Bight casino and the movie is a tense and action packed action film, not a drawn out confusion.
    Don’t think I am blindly hating on this. I love the Snoke, red guards, Kylo, Rey, and Luke scenes. The main cast is so strong and interesting. Just too much plot hole junk for a true quality film

  • Ambrose Howard

    The Last Jedi deserves most of the criticism it gets.