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Mar 252013

In our forthcoming MordorCast we will explore the Mysteries of the High Fells!

What are the High Fells?  Where do they reside? What do they look like? And why are there tombs of great evil in this place?

There is a Shadow upon the High Fells and we here at Mordor seek to enlighten this mysterious dark location in Middle-earth!

In our next MordorCast we intend to explore the mysterious High Fells and the dark tombs found there in! After viewing the Sneak Peek by Peter Jackson the included the Movie Clip from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, many are wonder about this strange place called the High Fells… you will not find it on any Map of Middle-earth, be we here ate Mordor and consulted the Palantir of Barad-dûr and heave pulled back some of the Shadow the veils this mysterious place.

Coming soon we will do out best to shed light on the Mysteries of The High Fells!

Keep one red eye open for our next MordorCast!

 March 25, 2013  Posted by at 3:47 pm

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