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Jul 112013

Learn the Dark Tongue of Mordor!

Sauron created the Black Speech as the official language of Mordor, to be spoken by all his Servants of Shadow! You can learn the Black Speech and use it as a secret language with all your Orc-friends and no one will understand a word of what you are saying!

Discover more of the ancient language of Mordor…

The Language is that of Mordor… which we will utter here!

The Black Speech was devised by Sauron in the Dark Years to the language of all those that served him. There are many forms of this dark tongue. The inscription on the One Ring was in the ancient Black Speech as Sauron originally created it. However, after the first over-throw of Sauron in the Second Age, the Black Speech was forgotten in it’s most ancient form by all save the Nazgûl. In the Third Age as the Dark Lord rose once more in power, it was used by the higher ranking captains and lieutenants of Barad-dûr. while upon the Plain of Gorgoroth a baser version often called Orkish, was used by the Black Uruks and Soldier Orcs of Mordor.

The version of the Black Speech the we host here in Mordor is a remnant of the ancient tongue that survived the fall of Sauron. It was devised by Scatha and is called the Shadowlandian Black Speech. Scatha created lessons for learning this archaic language so the one can learn to read, write and speak it. The pages have not been updated in at least five years and needs a a reboot! You can look over the current Black Speech pages HERE, but there a some broken links and smaller layout issues the were a pert of Mordor 3.o… Soon we will have all of out pages updated to the latest version of The Land of Shadow.com!

You can go HERE to check out our current and soon to be updated Black Speech  pages…

We are forming a new partnership with “The Black Speech School” a Russian site dedicated to The Black Speech which has just opened and hosts a new forum with lessons on several variation of The Black Speech! Make sure to check out the site HERE

 July 11, 2013  Posted by at 7:41 pm
  • Bagronk

    I’m really interested in learning the black speech, however, after copy-and-pasting almost ALL of the files, I found the paradigm charts for verbs and verb-endings really confusing. It took me a long time to figure out what was being said, and I’m still not sure I learned these correctly (and I’ve studied Spanish, French and Ancient Greek!). Is it possible to make suggestions, or are y’all past that stage already? I’m not meaning to be critical, it’s just some of the explanations and examples proved to be really opaque. I really appreciate what I do have, though, and am grateful for it! Learning black speech is something I really want to do for my cosplay character.

  • We are definitely open to suggestions… Scatha a long time friend of Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow.com was our resident Black Speech linguist. She did most of the work creating the BS Lessons. Unfortunately she has moved on to other interests and we no longer have her here at Mordor to help us.Most of the work I’m doing to update the BS pages has more to do with the look and feel and making them work with the updated structure of Mordor, rather then updating the lessons themselves. I would be more than happy for any suggestions or help you could offer in doing so!

    Currently our Mordor Community pages are suffering a database problem and they are down, but I hope to have the problem fixed soon. On our Message Board, we have a section devoted to the Black Speech, which would be a great place to post suggestion when I get if back up and running!

    Keep your notes and thoughts and I will make a post here when the Mordor Message board is back up and running!