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Apr 052018

Major Gaming Improvements

The folks at Monolith have just made an official announcement promising a major game update to Middle-earth: Shadow of War premiering July 17th!

“The entire team here at Monolith appreciates our dedicated fans, and we feel that these improvements will provide all players with the very best Shadow of War gameplay experience.” ~ Monolith Productions Lay your staff here for more »

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Mar 312018

The Desolation of Mordor DLC releases May 8!

In the upcoming release of the latest DCL from Middle-earth Shadow of War, you get to explore the Eastern Desolation of Mordor!

“His scarlet robes were tattered, his corslet of overlapping brazen plates was rent and hewn, his black plaits of hair braided with gold were drenched with blood.” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien Lay your staff here for more »

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Mar 092018

Shadow of War Cosplay

This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cosplay features a cool recreation of the the character Talion and the wraith version of Celebrimbor as the games Bright Lord.

“Nan iChir Gelair Mordor” ~ Celebrimbor, Shadow of Mordor Lay your staff here for more »

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Feb 272018

Eleven Warrior

Eltariel a character created for Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an Elven warrior in the service of Lothlorien, who has been sent to Mordor on a mission. Now you can become the character.

“I sent you to Mordor for the Nazgûl and your work is unfinished.” ~ Galadriel, Middle-earth: Shadow of War Lay your staff here for more »

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