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Jun 262018

Tolkien Exhibition now underway…

The Bodleian Libraries’ exhibition Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth explores Tolkien’s legacy, from his genius as an artist, poet, linguist, and author to his academic career and private life.

“The exhibition runs 1 June 2018 — 28 October 2018 in the Weston Library, Oxford.” Lay your staff here for more »

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May 012018

A Trip to the Baby & the Bird

Dr Stuart Lee is a lecturer at Merton Collage in Oxford, who has written several books on J.R.R. Tolkien, visits The Eagle and the Child and discusses the 1968 BBC Interview with Professor Tolkien.

“Most notably because it was here that Lewis and Tolkien read extracts from their books.” ~ Dr Stuart Lee Lay your staff here for more »

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Apr 102018

New Book Coming This August!

HarperCollins has announced in a Press Release today, that it’s publishing a standalone version of The Fall of Gondolin illustrated by Alan Lee on August 30th of this year!

“In the Tale of ‘The Fall of Gondolin’ are two of the greatest powers in the world.” ~ HarperCollins Lay your staff here for more »

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Apr 102018

Hero of the  Eastfarthing!

In this exploration of the Lore of Middle-earth, a closer look is taken at Farmer Maggot and his three hounds Grip, Fang and Wolf, who might well have saved Middle-earth!

“Suddenly as they drew nearer a terrific baying and barking broke out, and a loud voice was heard shouting: ‘Grip! Fang! Wolf! Come on, lads!’” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien Lay your staff here for more »

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