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Dec 312017

There really was a Dark Lord!

The film Bright on Netflix is based on an alternate world just like out own, except there exists real magic and fantastical creatures and this video featurette explores the history of that world.

“That’s a magic wand.” ~ Nick Jacoby

The film Bright got mixed reviews from critics, but after having watched it myself I decided I really like the film.

What I found interesting was the melding of a fantasy world like Middle-earth with our own.  It’s almost as if the The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are treated as a pre-history for our own world and what the modern world would be like if this were so. I also like the emphasis on the orcs and their involvement with the Dark Lord. How they are seen now, having sided with him in the wars against good and evil, and how it was an Orc ‘Jirak’ who founded the shield of light and destroyed the Dark Lord. This time, it’s not the Elves who get all the glory!

Check out this History of Magic Featurette to find out more…

 December 31, 2017  Posted by at 8:08 am

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