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Apr 082023

From Mordor to Your Keyboard!

With this cool keyboard from Drop+ that comes in both Training and Hardcore variants learning the Black Speech of Mordor just got a lot easier!

You too can become the Mouth of Sauron and be an emissary of Mordor with the wicked keyboard set that mimics the Black Speech letters written in Sindarin and found on the One Ring of Power. In red, grays and black your keyboard will become rife with dark Morgul magic! Fans of Mordor and The Land of Shadow.com will want to add this to their list of must haves!”

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Let the fiery letters found on the Ring inscription help you in learning the Black Speech. Along with our own Black Speech Lessons here in The Land of Shadow.com this keyboard set will help you master the Dark Tongue of Mordor. Drop+ and MT3 products are all licensed through Middle-earth Enterprises. Here is what they have to say out this cool product.

“In Middle-earth, even the forces of evil get their own language. In our latest collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises, that language gets its own keycap set. Brand your board with Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Black Speech: a menacing set of keycaps reserved for the most unruly residents of Mordor. Crafted by Sauron himself, “black speech” is a language without script, spoken only by Orcs, Wraiths, and others loyal to the Dark Lord—and written (seldomly) in the Elvish script Tengwar. That’s how it appears most infamously on The One Ring: in a scrawl that can only be described as sinister.”

“It’s in this style that Matt3o created the legends for MT3 Black Speech, retaining the wording from MT3 Elvish, but rendering it in a twisted font befitting of Middle-earth’s most evil tongue. Also changed is the spacebar, which now features The One Ring’s inscription in full.”

“Made from durable, dye-sublimated PBT and finished in an ashen black-and-gray colorway, MT3 Black Speech is available in a wide range of novelty-filled kits—including both Training and Hardcore variants—to bring any setup into shadow.”

Here is a video by Steez Lebowski showcasing this cool Mordor Keyboard Set!

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