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Aug 052013

Want to take a visit to the Land of The Shire?

You don’t have to travel all the way to New Zealand to do so! There is now a Shire of Montana right here in the US!

Check out the photos and video of this little Hobbiton vacation spot!This may not be quite the version of The Shire we see in the films or that you can visit in New Zealand… but if you can’t afford to travel all the way around the world, you can still get a taste of the experience of being in Hobbiton! The owners even have props from the movies bought from Weta to give the location a feeling of being in the the World of Middle-earth!

You can read more and watch a video HERE of a news report on “The Shire of Montana” or HERE at there Facebook page.

A Hobbit Home Resort Gives Guests Unique Experience!

The miniature homes and villages at a unique resort look like something you’d see out of a movie, but they actually make up the surroundings of a resort located right here in Montana, in Sanders County.

“The Shire is a respite from the rest of the world,” said Sanders County resident Steve Michaels.

Michaels came up with the idea for the “Shire of Montana,” a place modeled after J.R.R. Token’s book, “The Hobbit”, about five years ago. He wanted to build a three story lodge. He later decided it’d be cooler and better for the area’s fire danger to take it underground instead. A contractor on the project pointed out it looked like a hobbit house.

“I went, wow, ding that sounds like a really good idea,” Michaels said.

“The Shire had it’s first visitors at the two bedroom resort in October of 2008, and it’s been a success ever since, so much so that it was featured on HGTV and MTV.

“There are no stop lights in the entire county, and to see these big production crews coming in just to film us has been really fun,” Michaels said.

Guests actually stay inside a life-sized hobbit home. Those who book reservations have access to the entire property for their stay. The mini “Shire” features fairy and elfin villages, a troll house, and a deck that looks over the Whitpine Valley.

Micheals said in creating the Shire of Montana, he’s giving people a place to use their imaginations.

“Just kind of reconnecting with nature, and letting their inter child out,” Michaels said.

The Hobbit House is open to adults only, from May to October. Michaels said the hobbit house is best for people who don’t want to be on a schedule.

“They come out here and it’s quiet, they can eat, they cannot, they can sleep, or come out here, and watch the moose and the bald eagles,” Michaels said.

To find out how you can plan a trip to the Shire of Montana, visit it’s website here.


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