Jul 032015

“Season 6 is gonna blow your mind!”

With all the attention on Fear the Walking Dead, we can’t forget that The Walking Dead is currently in the middle of filming in the hot summer heat of Atlanta! However, the guys will be getting a break next week as they head off to San Diego for Comic-Con!

“It was made by those who are dead…and the dead keep it.” read more

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Jul 032015

Comic-con is coming down fast!

By this time next week, San Diego Comic-con will be in full swing and so it’s time to take a look at what Weta Workshop might unveil at the show!

Join in as we discuss what we hope to see at the Weta Booth!  read more

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Jul 022015

Peter fell In love with Bag End!

We have long heard reports of Sir Peter Jackson’s recreation of Bag End on his large estate in Wairarapa, New Zealand, but now we have a first hand report of his secret basement hideaway!

It’s like the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House, celebrities like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have stayed there! read more

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Jul 022015

Remember the excitement & anticipation?

On December 21, 2011 we got our first look at The Hobbit trilogy… which at the time was still just two films… along with the haunting song of the Lonely Mountain!

We were all sure it was going to be just as good as The Lord of the Rings… read more

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Jul 022015

A Vampire Apocalypse

It’s getting darker. More horrifying. A real gut terror. And fun to watch. Get a FIRST LOOK at what’s to come in the all new season of The Strain

So goes New York, so goes the rest of the world! read more

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Jul 012015

I’ll be Back!”  Again?

Is this reboot of the classic cyborg Sci Fi fantasy from the 1980s a little bit too much, a little bit too late?

Arnie’s back in the flesh this time around… sort of! read more

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Jun 302015

I Got My Flu Shot!

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will both have a major presence at this years San Diego Comic-con and here is a sneak peek of an exclusive SDCC poster and a new clip just released at AMC!

The Fear Begins Here! read more

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Jun 302015

The Witch-king and Khamûl the Easterling!

Take a look at these Middle-earth fans in full Ringwraith regalia at the The Roxy Cinema in Wellington New Zealand!

The Nazgûl have risen once more in the east! read more

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Jun 282015

Camp Mordor at Roskilde Festival 2015

For the last several years a group of young Danish Uruks have erected a Tower of Power speaker in the form of Barad-dûr at Camp Mordor during the Danish music festival Roskilde!

It time for a Nazgûl Rave read more

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Jun 272015

Now available for preorder!

The White Hand of Saruman rises again in the form of a new 1/6th scale action figure and collectable from the folks at Asmus Toys!

“Against the power of Mordor there can be no victory. We must join with him, Gandalf. We must join with Sauron. It would be wise, my friend.”  Saruman read more

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Jun 272015

Gandalf Celebrating Marriage Equality for All!

Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi have been selected as the grand marshals for this years star NYC Gay Pride 2015!

NYC’s gay pride parade is one of the most famous and largest in the world. Organizers expect about 2 million people to attend. read more

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Jun 262015

Fear comes in August!

A new clip from Fear The Walking Dead has now premiered showing how it’s the  conspiracy theorists and internet lurkers who first get wind of the outbreak… never trust the ‘Authorities!’

What I’m looking forward to is see how the Zombie Apocalypse slowing begins and the inevitable breakdown of civilization! read more

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Jun 222015

Orcs will be on the attack next week!

Drachenfest and ConQuest are two of the world’s biggest LARPs with 6,000 to 7,000 participant annually and they take place only a week apart from each other in Germany.

Big Time LARPing from the end of June to the middle of July! read more

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