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Jun 242016

AzogPines2The Pale Orc Wins the Vote!

In our most recent Mordor Poll we pitted a selection of the best Hero Orcs in the Middle-earth Saga by Peter Jackson to see which Uruk was the fan favorite here in The Land of Shadow.com

“Nuzdigid? Nuzdi gast. Ganzilig-i unarug obod nauzdanish!” Lay your staff here for more »

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Jun 242016

SammathNaurIconDark History of Sammath Naur

Here is a new update to our Dark Domains of Middle-earth, Sammath Naur with a newly added Dark History by our Historian Grievous, that gives us a look into the great Forge of Middle-earth.

“There was a road, Sauron’s Road from Barad-dûr to the Sammath Naur, the chamber of fire.” Lay your staff here for more »

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Jun 232016

Fimbul watched from the rocks above the mountain pass

He saw the dwarf-scum winding their way along the road through the Misty Mountains & silently called his warg riders from the shadows of the trees.

“The grey wizard is no longer with them… but the small squeaker trails after them like a frightened rabbit.” Fimbul

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Jun 222016

HobbitBotFAAzogIconThe Pale Orc On Ice!

Here is a detailed unboxing, setup and review of Weta’s Azog – Commander of Legions that will give you a complete picture of what is involved in installing this figure of Azog for display in your Middle-earth Collection!

“Do you smell it? The scent of fear? I remember your father reeked of it… Thorin, son of Thrain.” Azog Lay your staff here for more »

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