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Dec 092017

A frosty Amon Sûl

This Middle-earth Fan created a detailed recreation of Weathertop in Winter complete with the weary statues of Arnor under a cold crusting of snow!

“A shrill cry rang out in the night; and he felt a pain like a dart of poisoned ice pierce his left shoulder.”  ~ J.R.R. Tolkien Lay your staff here for more »

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Dec 082017

A strange trippy nightmare game!

Norman Reedus is the central figure in a sci-fi nightmare with unseen creatures, who decimate his fellow crew members in Hideo Kojima‘s visually stunning horror game Death Stranding.

“Once there was an explosion. A bang which gave rise to life as we know it. And then… the next explosion. An explosion… that will be our last.” ~ Norman Reedus Lay your staff here for more »

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Dec 072017

Good plain food…

Bree might stand on the very edge of the wild, but that’s not to say they don’t offer the comforts of a good Inn and solid hearty food of the best kind! Checkout this delectable looking Blackberry Tart!

“There was hot soup, cold meats, and a blackberry tart, new loaves, slabs of butter, and half a ripe cheese:” ~ J.R.R.Tolkien Lay your staff here for more »

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Dec 062017

The Brothers Hildebrandt

The Universe of Star Wars and the world of Middle-earth were both hugely impacted by the artistry of the Brothers Hildebrandt in the mid 1970’s.

“My brother Tim and I created the first ‘Lord of the Rings‘ calendar in 1976 and that brought us international fame — but when the ‘Star Wars‘ poster hit in 1977, it really blew us up, the attention to that piece has never let up.” Lay your staff here for more »

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