Apr 182015

This Game Looks Amazing!

Since we are having a bit of Star Wars Week, I thought I would also share the newly released trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, which is visually incredible looking!

I may have to get this one! read more

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Apr 162015

The Force is strong in my family!

With a voiceover by Luke Skywalker and the appearance of two very old friends at the end, this new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser is nothing short of perfect!

I won’t spoil any more… watch it now! read more

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Apr 162015

Remember when Mel was cool?

In this Mad Max legacy trailer we see clips from the first three film staring Mel Gibson, before all the crazy meltdowns!

These will always be really good films! read more

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Apr 132015

Not Barad-dûr, it’s that other Dark Tower!

Stephen King’s western fantasy horror series, about a ”gunslinger” hero and his quest for the Dark Tower takes another step forward at Sony Pictures!

His Tolkien inspired work, will now will get the big screen treatment! read more

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Apr 122015

Well… they don’t talk much!

Want to know what’s in store for Season 6 of The Walking Dead? This video of Cast and Crew doesn’t give out too much… but it does offer up some tantalizing clues!

Of course we wouldn’t expect them to… read more

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Apr 122015

He comes to our shores on April 17th

Lawrence Makoare plays a character even more savage than the uruk-hai Lurtz in this New Zealand film The Dead Lands!

A young man Hongi, played by James Rolleston seeks out the fearsome warrior to help him avenge his murdered father and tribesman. read more

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Apr 112015

Straight Outta Mordor

Checkout out these three exclusive Land of Shadow t-shirt designs the let everyone know you Don’t Mess With Mordor!

You can only get them here in The Land of Shadow… read more

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Apr 112015

Beautiful portrait of the Elven Warrior!

Jerry VanderStelt has just posted this brand new art of Tauriel! This new work of art should be available soon for sale, so keep your eyes open for this one in Paper and Canvas Giclees.

This in addition to a newly posted series of portraits the Fellowship of the Ring! read more

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Apr 102015

Mordor Premiere ~ Frodo the Heroic!

I can’t help but feel that the character of Frodo Baggins, hobbit from The Shire was diminished in The The Lord of the Rings trilogy of films…

This video is intended to show the power of his journey… read more

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