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Sep 022014

‘Tolkien’s Tree’ nearly removed from Botanic Garden

The removal of a 215 year-old tree that may have inspired Tolkien’s ‘ents’ nears completion in Oxford’s famous Botanic Garden

“One of the saddest moments in The Lord of the Rings is when Sam sees the destruction of the Party Tree” read more

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Sep 022014

Today… this song  just feels appropriate…

This is my favorite of The Lord of the Rings end title songs, Annie Lennox hits just the right note of sadness, longing and hope…

 ”Across the seas, a pale moon rises, the ships have come, to carry you home.” read more

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Sep 012014

The is one Monster LEGO build!

It took 50,00 LEGO pieces and well over two months of intense labor to build the infamous Dark Tower of Mordor with Eye of Sauron!

One does not simply build the Dark Tower of Mordor! read more

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Sep 012014

He endures a chilly demise!

It looked like Sean Astin was going to fall victim to the plague that he unwittingly played a part in bringing to the island of Manhattan!

But in the last moments of his evolution into a worm riddled, blooducking vampire, he was saved from this terrible fate by The Exterminator! read more

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Aug 312014

Dark and delicious water-color art!

In the works of Kinko-White which are traditional watercolor and pen & ink  drawings placed with wonderful visual panache in handmade sketchbooks

Beautifully rendered work inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies… read more

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Aug 302014
The Passing of Another Film Legend ~ Richard Attenborough at 90!

They say these things always come in three’s… Many of you may only know of Lord Richard Attenborough from his memorable role of John Hammond in the Jurassic Park movies… but he brought so much more to the world of film! His work spanned the years and his directorial and acting roles are too numerous to list…

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Aug 292014
Meet Ratbag ~ A New Story Trailer From Shadow of Mordor!

He is one sniveling little snaga! For the first time we get a close up look at one of the individual Orcs in the forthcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and we see that elements of humor have also been injected into the game It’s priceless when Talion look down upon Ratbag, shakes his head and simply intones… “Orcs!”

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