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Jun 252017

MorgulIconDark Domains Update

Here is another Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow.com update to our Dark Domains section of the site, with the addition of a Dark History for Minas Morgul.

“Minas Morgul was not always a city of dread. Once it was Minas Ithil, the fair city of Isildur, built in the early days of Gondor.”  Grievous Lay your staff here for more »

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Jun 232017

SiegeBeastsIconGreat Beasts of Burden

Here is our next entry in our line of new and updated Brazen Beasts of Middle-earth, the Siege Beasts of Mordor, which were used to drag the vast battering ram Grond to the Gates of Minas Tirith.

“Great beasts drew it, Orcs surrounded it, and behind walked mountain-trolls to wield it.”  J.R.R. Tolkien
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Jun 222017

DarkUniverseIconWill it simply fade away?

With the disappointing reviews and box office for The Mummy, Universal seems to have an uphill battle with its new monsterverse and the question now is will it survive or be buried like Ahmanet for a thousand years?

“I destroy this lifeless thing! Thou shall take its place but for a few moments and then… RISE again, even as I have risen!” ~ Imhotep, The Mummy 1932 Lay your staff here for more »

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Jun 222017

Go back to the Shadow, Flame of Udûn

Sculptor Ivan Cavini recreated the Balrog of Moria, which is on full display at the Greisinger Museum in Switzerland. In these photos you can watch as this large sculptural installation is brought to life with foam, paint and a lot creative sweat!

Watch the Balrog of Moria come to life at the Greisinger Museum Lay your staff here for more »

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Jun 222017

WarIconASNew Apes Featurette

Director Matt Reeves, Andy Serkis and the folks at Weta Digital including the legendary Joe Letteri discuss the groundbreaking advancements in digital technology that have been achieved in this third film in the Apes Franchise.

“Weta is the high level of visual effects company. They are the best.”  ~ Ryan Stafford, Co-producer Lay your staff here for more »

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